Monday, April 13, 2009

I've been busy (Screenshot Heavy)

Self explanatory? I hope so. :)
-Lots of Heroics (Oculus featured because it looks DAMN cool)
-Leveling Fishing xP at 268 atm, I Yea. ;-; I'm getting there!
-Leveling my Druid (level 35! - I'm going to get her the 10% XP shoulders ^^)
-Leveling my Baby Shammy (On the back burner now, Druid first, then Warlock, then Shammy)
-Watching lots of videos (A6! ^^)

That's Yeah I've been playing, just not posting. x.x' sorry!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Crossbows, RNG, and Heroics...

So I've been running a few more heroics, nothing like that massive full day affair last weekend. Damn that was fun, but I didn't get anything else done that day, so it came at a price. Anyway, I ran heroic UK, since my cuddly warrior tank friend asked me to (He's an orc). We were going to do Nexus afterwards (hoping for the trinket drop) then Heroic UP for the regular dungeon daily.

Before that I got a group for Heroic Gundrak which I DON'T need anything from. I mean, there is no way possible that instance will drop something of use to me. /cry but it was the daily! I had to do it! I HAD TO.
Anyway. x.x'
While I was waiting to get in, I jumped in the well in Dalaran because I wanted to goof around in the sewers and look for elixers because nothing is more fun than running around Dalaran as a wasp or tuskaar.
I got stuck. I lagged and missed the portal and was stuck at the bottom of the well. And while this is hilarious in all ways, especially since I'm a hunter, it meant I had to wait for a summon to get out. Sadly, it took about twenty minutes to find a full group. I enjoy pugs generally (don't ask me why)...
As a joke - I sent in a GM ticket, my Hearthstone had a few minutes left on CD and I didn't want to burn it simply to get out of a well. xD
I have the hilarious conversation screenshotted - but it's on the other computer and my sister is healing with her priesty in..I don't know, I think BFD again. Haha. I'll edit this and add it as soon as I can. Let's just say we discussed the great textures in the bottom of the well, and how Mogget isn't quite as fast as Lassie in getting help. :)

Afterwards the run went okay, we wiped a few times since the tank /failed a bit at tanking. :( I think I'm spoiled as far as good tanks go though, since I have quite a few good friends who are AMAZING tanks. Amazing enough that my misdirects are kinda silly and a waste of mana. /shrug but hey! It's reflex. Oh MD is off cooldown /click /misdirect to tank /cast multi-shot

Afterwards, we split up and Kill (My warrior tank friend) asked me if I wanted to DPS for heroics. Of course I said yes and we did Heroic UK first, the crossbow dropped and I took a while to figure out if I actually WANTED it. Because..y'know, that troll passive. Haha also my crossbow skill is 1/400. I rolled Need and the other hunter won it, so I was okay, no need to grind low level mobs with a crossbow now. :D yaayyz

I never got to run Nexus or UP because I couldn't reset the parental controls password which is set for normal weekdays NOT Spring Break. /grumble it still hasn't arrived. (the email with the new one).

Weellll. Tonight I'm going to try to run a few more heroics, I actually made a list of what I need from different instances and what instances I never ever need to run again. (Gundrak is the only one haha)
I hope Nexus is the daily.
I hope Nexus is the daily.
I hope Nexus is the daily.
or Heroic Old Kingdom because I need that bow!

alright I'm done. :P
Thanks for reading.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

OMG BBQ - lookie thar!

I've been very lucky with loot.
Thank you, oh gods of loot. Thank you for sharing your wealth. /bow

Case and point:
Plunderer's Helmet (Heroic UK)
Massive Spaulders of the Jormungar (Heroic UP)
Interwoven Scale Bracers (Heroic Nexus)
Handgrips of the Savage Emissary (Heroic Violet Hold)
Waistband of the Thuzadin (Reg CoS)
And with the emblems from all those runs....
Pendant of the Outcast Hero

So yes. I've been a busy little bee. ^^
Quickly getting geared for Naxx eventually. Doing tons of heroics, lots of Wintergrasp and maybe doing Vault soon.

Also; I got Revered with Ebon Blade via heroics, and got my loot from them <3
Reaper of Dark Soulsx2 + 50AP enchant
Arcanum of Torment for my head slot enchant

Priorities at the moment:
Run lots of Heroic Old Kingdom to get the bow that drops there (Titanium Compound Bow) which is the best bow until Arrowsong.

Other than Heroics and Wintergrasp, I've basically been goofing off.
Skydiving in the lake near UK/UP before running them, running around in circles in Dalaran, running guildies, /gchat silly conversations, grinding Rep, etc. Being 80 is quite a bit of fun, I'm liking the whole idea of rarely soloing and just being silly and people not caring. I've also gone through about 15 Greats Feasts in the past two days ;-; I'm going to need to farm some more meats soon, I'm compltely out of chilled meat for my dailies.

My DPS is lacking, and I'm tweaking my spec when I'm in Org to see if I can remedy that until the patch when I'll duel spec to Survival/Beast Mastery.
But I'm not dropping BM completely. Nope. No worries. ^^
I'm trying to avoid using a crossbow, due to my 1% crit racial bonus (excuse) but if Drake-Mounted Crossbow drops I can't really justify not using it. /sigh. I guess it's time to get my crossbow skill up! /wrists

So....that's what I've been up to. ^^
Thanks for reading!


Monday, March 30, 2009

Of druids, epic dings and excessive lag

I do not like playing on my laptop.
Case and point:
Note the bottom right hand corner.....
Latency: 2345
Framerate: 11fps
And that's on Artebank who's UI is VERY VERY bland! :O

I still managed to ding tho....
Ding --> Grats Mirubea :) Wee.

Speaking of dings....

Artemes is 80! ARTEMES IS LEVEL FREAKING 80!! :D
WEEEE. I can run around in Dalaran and be silly and not do anything important for WEEKS and people won't whisper me and ask me what the hell is taking so long and why I'm not 80 yet. (Got at least 10 whispers from diff people telling me to level over the course of being level 78-79)

I CAN DO HEROICS (almost)!
EPIC. ^^ I can get epic lootz!

But yeah. First thing I did....
Oh geeze it was fun. It was so much fun, I think I should be DOCKED honor for participating. idk what people bitch about, Wintergrasp is sooo much fun. :D Running around killing allies who are throwing bombs and such at you? Seems fun to me.
I've only played Defense, which was basically a zerg rush followed by a minor withdraw (due to deaths) then a smaller zerg with more support classes.
Yeah. So basically we pwned. I'm going to try at offense sometime eventually. Also; so you know. Alliance are outnumbered 1:5 on our server. :P Aah well. Low population server...ROLL AN ALT ^^

Oh; finally. As I promised, Screenie of my netherdrake.

P.S. Back to the Dr00d :P
I got her some awesome healy gear and some pretty nice feral stuff. Despite this...I'm considering switching her to resto/balance at 40 because...well. BOOMKIIINNNNNNN.
Thank you, that is all. XD


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Netherdrakes, Oracles and Heroics

Before I begin, you should probably know; What I'm getting done WoW Wise is getting done on a very...extremely...obscenely limited schedule. Meaning, if I'm lucky, about two hours a week. I may be able to work out something a bit in time. Just need to wait till my Mom is in a better mood to negotiate with.
So, here's what I've gotten done so far in WoW over the past three weeks or so...
  • I got my Netherwing Drake. No, I don't have screenshots. I should probably get some...oh well. I got the green one because, well, it's unique, the others all pretty much look blue (I'll likely get a few more or all of them eventually).

  • I got revered with the Oracles (FINALLY) - Also got my first Mysterious Egg which will hatch next Saturday --> Also got my Toothslice Helm which upped my DPS quite nicely. :D

  • Got my Kirin Tor and Wyrmrest Accord Tabards. I'm also working on getting to friendly with The Knights of the Ebon Blade for my tabard with them. ^^

What I'm planning on working on:
  • Doing more PvP for Bonus Honor at 79 (easier than 80) and also marks for (MAYBE) PvP gear
  • Wintergrasp (Never done it..I'd like to...really soon :P)
  • Getting Rep with Ebon Blade and Wyrmrest Accord for Fang of Truth/Reaper of Dark Souls, Spaulders of the Black Arrow, and Arcanum of Torment
  • Rep with Sons of Hodir for Shoulder 'chants
  • Leveling to 80, Eventually...Likely through rep quests or Icecrown /wrists I hate that place. :(

Oh. I installed Multishot so I'll have screenshots for whenever I ding/get an achievement/get a boss kill. :) Yay!
You can see my glaringly ugly clicker UI (meh...) and me (eventually) dinging 80. :D

Friday, March 13, 2009

Corpse Piles

They're not only for mages. :P

The Storm Peaks poor mounts. :(

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

On Haitus.

I won't be playing WoW for a while....I can't be sure how long that 'while' will be.
Let's just say it's because of parenting fail. Alright? Good.

Not that anyone reads this anyway. x.x'
Bai then,
I'll write again...eventually.
Artemes will be sitting happily at 79 until then.